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Southwest Pet Carrier

Southwest airlines is the best way to travel without spending too much, with our blue vented small pet carrier, you can keep your furry friend safe and comfortable. You'll appreciate climbing frame and soft lined bag for a first-class fit.

Airline Pet Carrier Southwest

The airline pet carrier Southwest airline is an excellent substitute for shoppers searching for a small, dark and secure pet carrier, it's top-notch for dog, cat or human passengers or contents. The carrier is moreover machine-washable and designed to keep pet animals safe and comfortable, the airline pet carrier is an outstanding substitute for dogs or cats that are travel-friendly. The soft-sided design makes it uncomplicated to collapse down for packing and the collapsible design means that it can be pulled up and out of the choice when not in use, it is an approved pet carrier by the airline and comes with a free travel mug. This is a soft-sided pet carrier that is approved for medium-sized dogs, it is manufactured of durable materials that are designed to protect your pet. The airline-approved design ensures a secure connection and facile transport for your dog, the soft-sided pet carrier is straightforward to clean and is top-of-the-heap for bringing your pet around the home or office. This is a soft-sided pet travel carrier that is approved for medium-puppy dogs, the carrier presents sq in. , sq in, of space for a dog, and an 56 sq in. For a cat, the soft-sided pet travel carrier is uncomplicated to wear for your dog or cat and is designed to keep your pet safe and comfortable. This soft-sided pet travel carrier is unrivalled for carrying your pet in the day or size for long trips.