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Pet Carrier Food Water Dish

This amazing pet carrier extends 2 Food dishes and 1 Water dish, it is sensational for small animals or pet cars. The clipped car cage makes it first-rate for keeping your pet safe and secure, the dishwasher safe bag is in like manner peerless for home use.

Pet Carrier Food Water Dish Ebay

This is a top-grade set of two small cups that can be used to provide Food and Water to a pet in a kennel, the small cups are strong and can hold up to 6 cups, while the set of two cups are first-rate for a pet's first Food set. This is an exceptional pet Food Dish for admirers with gluten sensitivities, it can hold about 6-8 cups of food, and Water is easily dispensed from the dish. The parrot can play with the Food and Water while the the Dish also includes a parrot or bird leg, a clip on and a yearbook, this is a sensational value for your pet as they need to get from one place to another without getting tired. The kennel crate cage will hold your pet in safe and secure, so they can't escape and get sick, the Food Water Dish is a first-class spot for them to eat and drink, while the hook on makes it uncomplicated to get your pet into and out of the kennel. This is a rare dog carrier Food Water Dish puppy pet animal scrapbook sticker, this dog bowl is first-rate for your next party and features a beautiful flag design. It is likewise dishwasher and oven safe, this product is again a top-of-the-line gift for shoppers pet lovers in your life.