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Imagitarium Medium Reptile Pet Carrier

This carrier is for the Medium lizard frog snake spider insect, we have different habitats for people who have different needs. Carrier is manufactured of sturdy materials that will last and protect the pet, it is a peerless addition to your.

Reptile Pet Carrier

The Reptile pet carrier is enticing for your reptile! This carrier is fabricated of durable plastic and is available in a variety of colors to suit your animal's personality, you can add of your favorite friends can come with you, on their way to the water or in the sun. The Reptile pet carrier is a peerless alternative to keep your Reptile safe and comfortable, this is a best-in-class addition to your Reptile population and top-rated for carrying your pets around! The carrier is manufactured of sturdy plastic and is straightforward to clean. The habitat for a Medium lizard is fabricated of durable plastic and is an unrivaled location for your pet to stay safe and comfortable, the carrier also includes a spiders and a few other items to make keeping your pet comfortable easy. This is a first-rate opportunity to have a Reptile pet carrier and container in a new and exciting location, the Reptile pet carrier can hold up to 10 pets and the container can hold 4-6 pets. This product is ideal for term and the container can also be customized with a variety of orifice eyes, an and ventilation for air circulation, this is a sterling new product for Reptile owners! This carrier is superb for carrying your Reptile pet around the home or office. This carrier is produced of high quality plastic and is only for use by a single item, a Reptile pet, the plastic is durable and long lasting, making it outstanding for long spans of time. The habitat is a Medium size lizard frog's size, and is produced of soft and sturdy plastic, it is straightforward to clean and is top-grade for carrying your Reptile pet.