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Bergan Soft Sided Pet Carrier

The Bergan comfort carrier is a Soft Sided pet carrier that is designed to provide comfort for your pet, the bag includes a front and back zip pocket for your pet's food, water, and medications, as well as a built-in Soft shoulder bag which holds a water bottle or a bag for holding your pet while out of class. The large tote bag is further large enough to hold your pet's food and water in a single layer, or in a niche, and it comes in a variety of colors and styles to tailor your dog's style and lifestyle.

Bergan Pet Carrier Small

The Bergan pet carrier is top-of-the-heap for large cats or large dog breeds, it is and comes with a black tote bag for carrying your Bergan pet in public. The large size can fit both you and your Bergan pet in public, this carrier is soft-sided and can hold up to 2 Bergan pet carriers. It is available in blue or once-used-for-airline compatible colors, the Bergan pet carrier is basic to set up and use, even for inexperienced Bergan pet carriers. The Bergan pet carrier is a top-of-the-line substitute to keep your pet safe and comfortable, it comes with a Soft side that is designed to be gentle on cats and dogs and a travel-sized bag for taking your pet around. The approved carry tote bag makes carrying your pet effortless and convenient, the air-purifying Bergan dog carrier also provides a comfortable environment for pets. The Bergan pet carrier is a sterling alternative to keep your pet safe and comfortable, this soft-sided carrier imparts a blue color and is uncomplicated to care for. It as well air-tight, so your pet is never far from your hands.